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Jean-Pierre Tranchant

Welcome to my web page.

I am an applied development economist working as an independent researcher and consultant based in Dakar, Senegal.


I focus on quantitative data analysis, household surveys and impact evaluations. I have a particular interest in issues of conflict and violence; nutrition; decentralisation and social accountability.

One of my field of research is how people and communities cope in the face of conflict and violence. This includes research on how conflict and drought interact to affect child development in India, on the effect of humanitarian aid on food security and education in conflict-affected areas of Mali, or on how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict aggravates violence against women in Gaza.

I am currently working on the effects of conflict and climate shocks on households' resilience in Mali; on a longitudinal impact evaluation of CDC investments and on impact evaluations of social accountability in health and nutrition in India and Bangladesh.

I have extensive experience in the design, implementation and analysis of household surveys and in the use of econometric techniques. I have collected household surveys in Ghana (domestic violence), Northeast Nigeria, North Kivu and South Sudan (modern slavery), Mali, India, Bangladesh, Kenya and the Philippines (mixed topics).


I have been consulting and researching for DFID, ILO, IOM, Walk Free Foundation, The European Union, IFPRI, UN Women, SDC, World Vision, Itad, among others.

Email: jptranchant[at]

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